General Information

What To Bring: Sleeping bag (or bedroll), towel, pillow, toiletries, Bible, notebook & pen, gym clothes

LODGING: Accommodations are provided in campus dorms. Most rooms have two twin beds. Rooms are assigned at time of registration. Linens are not provided. Please maintain “QUIET” in the dorms after 10 P.M.

RECREATION: Athletic facilities include tennis & Squash courts, universal gym, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer and miles of trails for hiking. Bring light soled sneakers for the gym.

IMPORTANT!!! So that the School can plan the right number of meals for us we must give them an anticipated attendance figure two weeks before the retreat. Therefore, it is imperative that you PRE-REGISTER by May 31st

NOTE Contact Patrick Keller, (203) 374-3715 to schedule any information you would like to share. Presentations should be limited to no more than five minutes.

Melvin Jones, Hartford, CT; George Souto, Meriden, CT; Patrick Keller,  Bridgeport, CT;  Tim Tarbet, New Milford, CT; Bud Fenner, Meriden, CT; Brian E. Colman, Newark, NJ; John Wooding, Meriden, CT; Kenneth Brown, Echo Lake, NJ

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